Price Controls

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A Political Victory for the Joes Is a Loss for the Country

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismInflationPrice Controls


Sen. Joe Manchin has agreed to support a "Build Back Better" lite that proponents claim will reduce inflation, give us better weather, and "pay for itself" through price controls and taxes. Perhaps we should be wary of such political "victories" for the political elites.

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Contrary to Public Myths, Rent Control Hasn't Been a Success in Sweden

Economic PolicyPrice Controls


Rent control was imposed in Stockholm to "stabilize" the housing market. Not surprisingly, "stabilization" has meant housing shortages and years-long waits for available apartments.

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Back to the Future: Progressives Imagine the Good Old Days of Price Controls

Economic PolicyInflationPrice ControlsProgressivism


Inflation is raging and progressives want action. What kind of action? They want to return to the 1970s regime of price controls.

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Bastiat Predicted the Baby Formula Crisis 170 Years before It Happened

Economic PolicyPrice ControlsProtectionism and Free Trade


Although Biden presented the formula shortage as caused by "forces" outside the USA, the shortage is homegrown. Bastiat could have explained why.

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Ireland: When MMT and Price Controls Collide, Little Remains

InflationMonetary PolicyPrice Controls


Ireland has been "experimenting" with MMT and price controls. The results are predictable.

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No, It's Not the Putin Price Hike, No Matter What Joe Biden Claims

The FedInflationPrice Controls


Last year, Joe Biden and his administration claimed that inflation was "transitory." This year, Vladimir Putin gets the blame. Next year, Biden will blame American businesses. And the beat goes on.

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Patents, Legal Monopolies, and the High Prices for Drugs

Bureaucracy and RegulationPrice ControlsPrices


While government officials and politicians denounce high drug prices, they have created monopoly privileges for drug firms, thus ensuring higher-than-competitive prices for pharmaceuticals.

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The Cognitive Bias behind Anti–Price Gouging Laws

Bureaucracy and RegulationPrice ControlsPrices


People often react to sudden price changes by demanding that government "do something" to bring prices down. It is important to understand the mentality behind such beliefs.

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Will Price Controls Make a Comeback?

Price Controls

Price controls, or antigouging laws, discourage innovation and sometimes can lead to supplies of goods and services being directed to other markets. In other words, price controls lead to shortages.

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