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Liam Cosgrove

Liam Cosgrove is a freelance journalist who has been published with Mises Institute,, The Federalist,, Epoch Times and is a contributor at Seeking Alpha and ZeroHegde. He writes under a pseudonym on Substack at and can be found on Twitter at

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Current State and Federal Schemes to Bribe Voters are Totally out of Hand

09/06/2022Power & Market
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California’s Unemployment Fund is Insolvent, Far Surpassing Other States

08/22/2022Power & Market
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Is There an Alternative to Central Banking?

07/26/2022Power & Market
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Despite Societal Collapse, Sri Lanka Reports Zero Covid Deaths and Launches Currency “Monitoring Unit”

07/21/2022Power & Market
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Recession Is Priced In. Stagflation Is Not

07/06/2022Power & Market
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