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Mandatory Vaccines vs. Logic and Kantian Ethics

LawProgressivismThe Police State


Vaccine mandates imposed by governments violate individual rights and further the coercive powers of the state. They also violate Kantian ethical norms, turning people into vehicles to accomplish the ends of governing elites.

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Why Donald Trump Will Soon Be Indicted

AntipoliticsBureaucracy and RegulationLawThe Police State

While the FBI and the Department of Justice have been overreaching, Donald Trump has not helped his own cause.

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A Robinson Crusoe-Based Sociology of Law

LawProperty RightsPhilosophy and Methodology


How can people deal with conflicts in a peaceful and mutually agreeable way? Mises, Hoppe, and Robinson Crusoe himself point the way.

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Libertarian Law by Democratic Means: A Method for Conflict Resolution

LawPhilosophy and Methodology


What is libertarian law and how does it function? Ludwig von Mises answered some of those questions and helped chart a path to achieving such a state of affairs.

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Turns Out the Elites Like the Administrative State Better than Democracy

Bureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismCronyism and CorporatismDemocracyLaw


The New York Times claims that the "administrative state"—that is, governance by unelected bureaucrats—protects our country and enhances democracy.

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A Tale of Two Legal Systems: Common Law and Statutory Law



Legal systems matter, and common law better serves a free society than statutory law, with its emphasis upon legal positivism.

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Florida's Social Media Anticensorship Law and the Court's Tortured Legal Logic



Florida's anticensorship law is being boosted as a defense of free speech. In reality, it turns the First Amendment upside down.

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Reckless Associations: The Ruling Class Creates New Legal Theory to Stifle Free Speech



The war on free speech has been given a boost by a new legal theory called "reckless associations," the "leaders" of an association that allegedly harms someone else are declared liable for that harm.

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Love, Fear, and the Law of Good Intentions

AntipoliticsDemocracyLawThe Police State


Today, progressives govern by the law of good intentions, and when government has good intentions, the results, no matter how disastrous, don't matter.

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The $73 Million Settlement against Gun Manufacturer Remington Is Backdoor Gun Control

Bureaucracy and RegulationLaw


Gun control advocates are using lawsuits to try to destroy private gun manufacturers. Despite legal protections for the gun industry, this strategy may well succeed.

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