大发国际体育官网v1.1.2 Inflation, the Price Level, and Economic Growth: Everything the Elites Tell You about It Is Wrong

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Inflation is not a product of corporate greed or rising wages. It is a fraud perpetrated by government authorities that impoverishes average people while enriching elites.


Mandatory Vaccines vs. Logic and Kantian Ethics


Vaccine mandates imposed by governments violate individual rights and further the coercive powers of the state. They also violate Kantian ethical norms, turning people into vehicles to accomplish the ends of governing elites.

Throwing the Fed's Machinery in Reverse: Fed Interest Rate Policies Continue to Damage the Economy


The Fed’s tampering with market signals undermines the process of wealth generation, thereby exerting an upward pressure on the time preference interest rate and the market interest rate.

Inflation: State-Sponsored Terrorism


Inflationism terrorizes us.

Booms, Busts, and Statistics: What the Mainstream Gets Wrong

"Economics is about how we behave, which comes from our personal valuation, in and relative to the physical world."

The Bretton Woods Institutions and the Accelerated Dystopian Transformation of the Food Industry


Global elites are relentless in their desire to recreate the world in their own image. As they turn toward food production, expect their bungling to cause huge shortages of food and worse.

Does Reducing Unemployment through Government Spending Boost the Economy?


The standard Keynesian play is to increase government spending in order to reduce unemployment and increase economic growth. Here's why it consistently fails.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Money but Were Afraid to Ask


What is money? Thorsten Polleit explains in a brilliant lecture delivered in Prague.

Antiwar Criticism and the Formation of Collective Opinion


Once again, it is unpopular in the USA to be antiwar.



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