The Human Action Podcast

The Human Action Podcast

The Human Action Podcast features in-depth interviews on current topics in economics through an Austro-libertarian lens.

Biden's Post-Persuasion America

09/02/2022Mises Media

Journalist Jordan Schachtel joins the show to discuss Biden's escalating rhetoric against what he terms "ultra-MAGA" semi-fascists.

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Clifton Duncan on the College Question

Are college and student loans still worthwhile for young people? Clifton Duncan joins Jeff and Bob on this week's Human Action Podcast.

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Dave Smith on the End of Political Pretense

Tags Media and CultureStrategyPolitical Theory

Comic Dave Smith joins Jeff and Bob for a compelling look at the poisonous political landscape in post-goodwill America.

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Why Federal Agencies Go Rogue

08/12/2022Mises Media

Economists and political scientists, from Mises to Robert Higgs to James Burnham to public choice scholars, explain why mission creep and abuse by state agencies is the rule rather than the exception. 

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The Politicization of Economics

08/05/2022Mises Media

Has economics fallen to politics? Court economists like Paul Krugman–we might call them "regime economists"–represent a profession in big trouble. Jeff and Bob discuss.

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What You Can Do

07/30/2022Mises Media

Jeff Deist and Connor Mortell host an AMA during Mises University 2022 on the topic of "What You Can Do."

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Connor Boyack & the Case for Revisionist History

07/22/2022Mises Media

Connor Boyack joins the show to make the Rothbardian case for de-bamboozling history.

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The Economics of National Divorce

07/15/2022Mises Media

 How would issues like debt, entitlements, and defense be addressed if the US split into two or more new political entities? Ryan McMaken joins Jeff to discuss.

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Why the US Should Default

07/08/2022Mises Media

Jeff and Bob discuss the effect of rising interest rates on Uncle Sam's ability to service debt—and promote the increasingly less radical idea that a default on Treasury debt is both inevitable and good.

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Fossil Future with Alex Epstein

When it comes to energy and the environment, Americans not only get the wrong facts, arguments, and narratives—they get the wrong philosophy. Alex Epstein joins Jeff and Bob to explain. 

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