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Patents and Progress

Property Rights

08/12/2022Friday Philosophy
Patents lack a basis in natural rights; to the contrary, they may be a patent absurdity
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Is Anarcho-Capitalism Incoherent?

Legal SystemPhilosophy

08/04/2022Friday Philosophy
Gregory Salmieri, defending a minimal state, asserts that a free market anarchy would be characterized by "war and realpolitik." That sounds more like what we have under state rule today.
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Was World War II the "Necessary War"?

PhilosophyWar and Foreign Policy

07/29/2022Friday Philosophy
Robert Kagan agrees that the World War II American interventionists were imperialistic but maintains that a form of imperialism based on American values was the proper policy aim then and remains so today.
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Liberty versus "Relational Egalitarianism"

PhilosophyPolitical Theory

07/22/2022Friday Philosophy
Egalitarian liberals think that basic liberties can be violated in the quest for equality and even that "the natural duty to promote justice straightforwardly implies a duty to establish states."
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Nozick on Morality and Evolution


07/15/2022Friday Philosophy
It is hard to explain through evolution how we know any necessary truths. Does this give us reason to abandon necessary truth? Nozick thinks so.
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Libertarianism and Public Choice


07/08/2022Friday Philosophy
Is public choice a better defense of free-market libertarianism than natural rights? Michael Munger thinks so.
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Santayana on the State


07/01/2022Friday Philosophy
Santayana thinks the state can spiritually satisfy people even though it exploits them. The only problem is that states go to war. The solution? A world state.
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Guns and Self-Defense

LawLegal SystemPhilosophy

06/24/2022Friday Philosophy
As antigun studies surface left and right, it's worth remembering that the right to self-defense isn't merely about being safe. It's about having the choice to defend yourself.
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Russell on the State


06/17/2022Friday Philosophy
The state makes an entirely artificial division of mankind and of our duties towards them: towards one group we are bound by the law, towards the other only by the prudence of highwaymen.
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The New Deal: Admissions against Interest

PhilosophyU.S. History

06/10/2022Friday Philosophy
Though Kuttner thinks the New Deal a great success, he himself lays out some of its many problems.
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